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We have been selected to supply all training classes previously
provided by AACFI and all of it's previous instructors.
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MN Permit To Carry:
Do you already know how to safely operate a handgun and do you want to apply for your Minnesota permit to carry a firearm?
This course will teach you all the essentials (and more) needed to apply for our MN carry permit, the ins and outs of the new carry law, how to avoid conflict, how to deal with the use or threat of using deadly force as well as the aftermath (both legally and emotionally) thereof and much much more.
Furthermore, this carry course far exceeds the requirements to apply for your carry permit in MN.
We will cover a lot more than is required by the law, e.g. conflict avoidance, selecting a carry gun & holster, how to interact with police, how to properly apply deadly force in self defense or in defense of others and much much more.
Range fee is extra depending on the range being used, however expect about $10 to $15 for range fee. The range fee includes the targets used for the qualifier.

The classroom portion of this course will take about 5-6 hours depending on the amount of questions and discussions that we will have. There is no rushing this subject and we will take the appropriate amount of time to ensure that all students understand the subject matter.

There will be a shooting qualification at the end of the course. You must also show that you are capable of safely and properly handling a loaded firearm on the range. E.g. always point the gun in a safe direction, properly load your handgun, keep your finger off the trigger at the appropriate times etc. etc. Our shooting qualification is more diverse then most we have seen being used by other instructors but it is very doable and it will motivate you to train more and want to learn more.

This course far exceeds the requirements of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act.
When you take this course you will learn the following:
Handgun safety
Conflict avoidance
The law of use and threat of deadly force
The legalities of carrying in Minnesota
Deadly force and its aftermath
Everyday police encounters
Choosing a handgun and holster for carry
The mechanics of everyday carry
Traveling with a firearm within MN, out of state and by commercial jetliners
Lots of our rights will be discussed
Fill out your permit application form
And much, much more

Once issued your carry permit will be valid for 5 years. An extra feature of taking a course with Center Of Mass, LLC is that you can take a refresher course at anytime within those 5 years free of charge! Just contact us to see if there is a class that meets you schedule in which there is still room and you can attend just to refresh your memory on the subject. NOTE: no new certificate will be issued.

There will be several guns on hand to demonstrate the proper safety procedures when handling handguns. There will be a lot of sample holsters and other shooting accessories on hand for you to review and try out.

Prerequisite for this course is to know how to safely and properly operate the handgun that you are using during the shooting qualification. So some handgun experience is required.

We prefer that students provide their own ammunition and firearms. If you do have handgun experience but do not yet own one no problem. With prior notice a 9mm semi-automatic handgun or a .357/.38 revolver can be borrowed from the instructor for use during the shooting qualification. Targets for the shooting qualification are purchased by the students as part of their range fees.

Advanced Carry Course
OK, so you got your carry permit. Now what? Your basic carry course is not meant to teach you how to carry, conceal, draw and fire your sidearm from the holster, that is what this course will do.
In this course we will spend more time going thru the various holsters and concealment methods. Basics of drawing, first from open carry and then to concealed carry.

Students must bring their own sidearm (2 speedloaders or 3 magazines), strong-side holster (no pocket, shoulder or cross draw holsets allowed), eye and ear protection, 300 rounds of factory loaded ammunition.
Option equipment: your own tactical light, knee protection, baseball cap.
Tactical lights can be provided by Center Of Mass, LLC for the course but you can bring your own if you have one. Any additional equipment requirements may be needed, students will receive more information upon registering for the class.
Equipment requirement: Students will need a sidearm and a basic holster. With basic holster we mean a strong-side holster (no pocket, shoulder or cross draw holsets allowed), nothing fancy is required. A simple "Uncle Mike's" will do fine. We just need something safe for you to use. If you do have a higher end holster that you are comfortable with, bring it. Also needed, 2 speedloaders or 3 magazines, strong-side holster (no pocket, shoulder or cross draw holsets allowed), eye and ear protection, 300 rounds of factory loaded ammunition.
Option equipment: your own tactical light, knee protection, baseball cap.

This course requires students present a carry permit (from any state in the union) and pass a course of fire before register for the class to prove that they possess the basic ability to safely handle and operate a handgun. The students only need to pay the range fees and ammunition for this course of fire. The instructor's time is free of charge.

Private Tutorial
You have a busy schedule and can not make one of our regularly scheduled classes. Not a problem. We are available to provide you private instructions. These classes are meant to provide you the advanced training class based on your personal needs.
Simply put, you contact us and we discuss your existing skill level and figure out what level you want to be at. We then determine the drills and course material to meet your needs.
Pricing depends on the range location (your own private range/property or a public range etc.), the number of family members/friends in your private class, the contents of your private curriculum and the length of the class.

Basic Handgun Safety Training:
Are you interested in shooting handguns either recreationally or competitively, for home/personal protection or do you own a handgun but are not as comfortable with it as you would like?
This course 3 hour (excludes range time) course will introduce the novice shooter to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to own and use a handgun properly and serves as a basis to continue with other handgun shooting activities.

We will cover:
Handgun safety,
Revolver/Semi-automatic major components
Handgun operation
Types of ammunition
Fundamentals of pistol shooting (e.g. grip, position, breath control, sight alignment and much more)
Range commands and range rules
Cleaning and storage
Other training opportunities
And much, much more

This is a hands-on class where the students practice and learn with unloaded handguns and dummy ammunition in the classroom and only once you are comfortable with the firearms will we go to the range to shoot.
The students will shoot a .22 semi automatic, a .38 revolver and a 9mm semi automatic.

For those who are really ready, you can shoot a .44 Magnum. Due to the cost of this ammunition, students must pay for this ammo separately though. All other ammunition is included in your class fee.
The only thing the students are required to bring is the will to learn. Center Of Mass, llc provides all classroom material, handouts, pens, paper, handguns, ammunition, targets, range fees etc.

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